ASSL  Auction is a leading company in the Kenya used vehicle industry, with a commanding share of the market. ASSL members can participate from any location in all ASSL auctions held all over Kenya, and can easily obtain detailed information on used vehicles. The number of ASSL members continues to increase every year, and now totals nearly 50 companies.

  • Assl members can participate directly in auctions at any of 4 ASSL sites throughout the country, all equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • ASSL members are also provided with access to auction website service (ASSL Kenya) and a fast speed website that allow them to participate in real-time auctions from their offices, homes, or anywhere else convenient.

Our vision is to connect all car buyers and sellers in the most innovative, efficient and authentic way.


Our mission is to provide trade solutions with a focus on convenience, opportunity and peace of mind.

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